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Finding of information and researching on any topic are now easy task to be accomplished at the comfort of one’s room thanks to the internet technology. Virtually, you can research on any topic through the internet. But sometimes, internet users may find it confusing to ask search engines some practical questions bothering them. Thus, finding answers to certain questions with practical undertone through the search engines may not be easy. However, there are some sites that answer questions on different areas of life. Askives is one of such sites. For More Information about Askives please visit the website.

Are you looking for answers to some questions in any field of human endeavor? Or do you need a sound solution on some practical issues? is a veritable platform that will be of help to you. As it has been said above, questions bothering on different fields of human endeavors are examined in the site. Besides practical questions, there are also questions relating to various theories as well as history.

Who can make use of the site?

Questions on different areas of lives are answered in this site. Given this, any person in any work of life can find answer to their questions in If you are a student, you can use the site to look for answers to some questions in different field of studies. Parents, working class people, young and older people can make use of the site as well. Visit Here to know more about

How are the questions arranged?

One good aspect of is that it is user friendly thanks to the arrangement of the sites. The questions are grouped into different categories depending on their structures. Issues that concern ‘how questions’ are grouped under how category. So, if your questions is a how type of questions, you will look for it under that category. Other categories are the why, when, where and what.

Social aspect

The site also functions like a social networking site because it allows users to contribute answers to other people’s questions or to make comments on answers provided to the users’ questions.

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